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The loss of a parent is never easy. When special days like birthdays or Father’s Day approach, new waves of grief can affect your friend, no matter how much time has passed.

Finding the right words when someone you know loses a parent can be difficult. Show your support with one of these well-meaning sentiments to help provide some comfort.

A pre-planned funeral can ease the stress and planning process for your loved ones during an emotional time. It also allows you to design the type of service you would like and how you would like to be remembered.

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration for many. For those grieving the loss of a mother, the day can come with an overwhelming mix of emotions.  

Grieving is an ongoing process which can come with many hurdles, especially on significant days like birthdays or Mother’s Day. These special occasions can evoke feelings like sadness, loneliness or even anger.

Over the past 10 years we have had the pleasure of working with a vast array of funeral industry professionals. We have compiled a list of these companies to assist with your funeral planning.

Feeling compassion fatigue or burnout is normal for many Funeral Directors. During the Covid19 pandemic, the stress on Funeral Directors increased as they navigate uncharted territory and additional protocols. This blog includes information to identify symptoms of stress, steps to manage stress and resources for professional support.

Including a photo presentation during a funeral service is wonderful way to celebrate your loved one’s life. The photo presentation can help lighten the service with photos or videos that bring a smile to the faces of the mourners.

The pandemic forced people to become creative when it came to funerals, but one unusual service to capture moments could be here to stay.

Funeral music can play a powerful role, with each song a reflection of the life of the person who passed away. The songs selected can set the tone of the service and evoke memories and emotions of your loved one. A funeral is also a celebration of life and music can be an important part of this celebration. The inclusion of live music is another way to personalise the service. ...

I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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We understand that this time is difficult, that’s why we’re here to help 24/7. From photo to video, we will help tell the story of your loved one.

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