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What people say about Funeral Video Australia

'I couldn't be more happy with the result. A beautiful, respectful and moving document. Feels like the scope of a network coverage of a state funeral. The high-resolution photography, panning, atmosphere shots and seamless editing have resulted in a truly professional outcome'


'Michelle delivered outstanding service in providing the A/V and then shooting and editing the video of my father's funeral service. The whole process was effortless and dignified and the finished video is a beautifully crafted memory of the service. Coming from a film production background, I can be critical of some productions. Michelle is a real pro and a delight to work with. Incredible value for money. Flawless.' Thanks Ian Elliot


‘Our family had nothing but praise of you, another job well done. - Funeral Director’


'Thank you for sending through the link - amazing work, a job very well done. Thank you for taking such good care with this lovely family. - Funeral Director'


'Thank you so much - I feel relieved knowing you are on the case'


‘Thank you just doesn’t seem like the right words to say. How do I properly express how my family and I feel after the passing of my beautiful father and for the wonderful way you shared in his funeral and burial service? Firstly, thank you for being like a silent angel professionally capturing every important detail without being intrusive. ‘Your gentle and genuinely caring nature on the day was a comfort to my entire family. Michelle, you are a unique, beautiful soul with a truly compassionate nature and my family is blessed to have met you and grateful that you expertly delivered a beautiful final product. Heartfelt thanks for capturing these memories. God bless and much love’


'Empathetic and completely professional in every way, and really made a difficult process as easy as it could possibly be'


'Thanking you for your professionalism, care, respect and empathy. You are a wonderful lady'


'It is utterly beautiful, superb from start to finish. You have done a sensitive and very professional video for us to have forever'


‘It was lovely... just what we wanted and my sister and I both love the message you inserted. Thank you’


'Thank you so much for a job well done! The video images brought a true dimension to the life of Mum's 102 years - from the way you synchronised the photos with our choice of music. We are impressed by your professionalism and the way you patiently cooperated with us to achieve what truly turned out to be an exceptional beautiful and emotional farewell tribute video. Highly recommended. Thank you once again'


‘Thank you so much for the final DVD presentation you put together for my family.

As you know the family had many relatives overseas and as a well known broadcaster and journalist it was important that we gave so many people that could not be there on the day an opportunity to share in the final farewell.

Your unobtrusive presence in the church was appreciated and the final polished product would have been impossible to produce without your professionalism. Regards, Gaynor, Funeral Director’


‘One thing I can say since I have seen examples of your work that it has changed my mind as I wasn’t 100% keen myself about Funeral Videos. I can now see that they are able to form part of a lovely family/friends record. I know from my own experience how hard it is to remember some of the funeral details when it’s someone close, easy for the day to become a blur - Funeral Director’


'At the recent funeral of my mother in Sydney my family engaged Funeral Video Australia to video the service. We decided we wanted to have a permanent record of the service for the family and also for friends who were not able to attend the funeral.

My whole family was greatly impressed with Michelle's professionalism and her sensitivity in videoing the funeral service. The final video was of outstanding quality both in vision and sound. She has made a permanent record of my mother's funeral which will be cherished by the family and future generations'


‘I want to express our heartfelt thanks to you, Evan and your team for creating such a beautiful production for our Dad, Harvey’s, funeral service and tribute video.

We converged on you 24 hours before the service, wanting to arrange a slide show, with music for the service, and a video of the service in its entirety to send to family in Norway and Sweden. We arrived in a state of disarray, with a handful of photos and an idea for a couple of songs to be played.

You gave us your time and sensitivity, helping to put all of this in to some kind of order, and helped us decide on which songs to be played (which were the perfect choice, by the way).

I was blown away as you continued to work on this for the remainder of the day and well into the night, still updating requested changes well after 10pm. You suggested I send through any final changes which you would then update when you came in again at 6am, the day of the service.

It was reassuring to see you at the service, when we just wanted everything to run smoothly and you were there to ensure it did. The final production was perfect and the feedback we received from family and friends was amazing. Comments such as "You brought your Dad back to life”; and "It was truly, very, very beautiful” will stay with me always, knowing he was given the best possible send off, one he would have loved and deserved.

I didn’t get to say ‘Thank you’ afterwards so would like to do so now. Thank you so much for all you did. Thank you for liaising with our wonderful celebrant, Nicole Bechard and the funeral directors. It’s so hard to manage it all during such a sad time, for sure. I have been singing your praises everywhere I go, I’m serious ! You really did make the difference for us all, at a very tough time, for which we are so, so grateful.

Warmest Wishes, Inga Lie’


‘Thank you so much for the video, it is just so beautiful. I really appreciate the care and effort you put into producing such a wonderful tribute. I have been watching it today and it really is just wonderful.

Thank you again’


‘We’d just like to thank you for the lovely DVD of photos you created which will be treasured by us. You sensitivity and time taken was greatly appreciated’


‘I have just watched the DVD of my Mum’s funeral. It is just so beautiful. I treasure it. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job’

I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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