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Funeral Live Streaming


The loss of a loved one is an emotional and difficult time. For the immediate family, there is the overwhelming task of planning the funeral. For those that live interstate or overseas, there is the emotional toll of not being able to attend the funeral in person.

Where those family and friends can get solace is feeling like they are part of the day with a live stream of the funeral service, burial and/or wake. With technology at our fingertips, a live streamed funeral gives those family and friends the ability to still grieve and feel connected.  

Not only does live streaming a funeral service offer the ability for those unable to attend to view the service online, but it also offers immediate family a living memory to look back on and reflect on the day.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is when a video is shared via an internet platform, making it available to view in real time, rather than being recorded and uploaded online later.

When live streaming a funeral service, a videographer sets up at the church/venue with multiple cameras, microphones, computer and internet. The video is broadcast over the internet with a 5 – 10 second delay. Online viewers come to one central location to watch the live stream.

Funeral Video Australia creates a private webpage for our families to share with their family and friends to watch the live stream online. Once the live stream has finished, the video reloads to the private webpage which remains available to view for up to 6 months. With different time zones or work commitments, having the ability to re-watch the video or watch at a later time gives reassurance to our families.

Benefits of Live Streaming a Funeral

Families may consider live streaming a loved one’s funeral service for a number of reasons. Over our 14 years of filming funerals, we have spoken with many families and discussed what is important to them. This is why some families live stream their loved ones service:

Living Memory

While live streaming allows those viewing online the ability to view the service in real time, it also gives family and friends the option to look back on the video. A funeral service is a highly emotional day, and we often receive the feedback that it is hard to remember parts of the service or the people that attended. Having a video of the service can give comfort to those who may want to re-watch and remember the stories told about their loved one, years down the line. It is also a way to share those memories with future generations or those that may not be old enough to remember.


Since Covid19 a lot of families have looked to live streaming a funeral due to travel restrictions, however this isn’t a new requirement. For elderly family members it may be too difficult to travel, the cost of travel may be too much, or work commitments may not allow for it. Being able to view the funeral via a live stream can help mourn the loss like those in attendance.


For those watching the live stream, it is an opportunity for family members to come together to watch the service together. Giving each other support and an opportunity to reflect on their own memories and stories.

The video also captures the unity and condolences of the deceased’s closest loved ones all together.

Keeping the service intimate.

A funeral is an opportunity for your immediate family and friends to come together and reflect the life that was. A family may like to keep the funeral service intimate for only the closest of family and friends. Or the church/venue may not be large enough to accommodate the number of guests that wish to attend. A live stream allows those unable to attend to still feel part of the service.

Live Streaming Highlight Video

Issues That Can Arise During a Live Stream

With technology and internet, there always comes the risk of poor connection causing a live stream to freeze. A funeral is a highly emotional time, and if a live stream fails it can be extremely upsetting to those trying to watch online.

When considering live streaming you also must consider what backups are in place in case anything should go wrong on the day. A funeral or burial service is something you don’t get a second chance at.

Funeral Video Australia's team of videographers are all equipped to ensure they have the best live stream coverage. This includes having a dual sim cellular connectivity from two internet providers. This ensures the strongest internet connection. Our live streams are always recorded as a backup should anything happen on the day. That means if there was a poor internet connection, the backup recording is uploaded to the private webpage that same day.

While any interruption to a live stream funeral would be upsetting, not having a video recording back up in place would be heartbreaking.

How Funeral Video Australia Can Help

Let our professional team with over 14 years experience in funeral videography and photography, guide you through the steps of live streaming a funeral and/or burial.

Our videographers across Sydney and Brisbane are truly professional, respectful, and discreet with a true understanding of the sensitive nature of filming a funeral.

Have any questions, you may like to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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