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Supporting a grieving friend on Father’s Day

Funeral Video Australia Blog - Supporting a grieving friend on Father’s Day

The loss of a parent is never easy. When special days like birthdays or Father’s Day approach, new waves of grief can affect your friend, no matter how much time has passed.

Finding the right words when someone you know loses a parent can be difficult. Show your support with one of these well-meaning sentiments to help provide some comfort.

Be there for your friend

A gentle reminder that you are there for your friend may be the prompt they need to open up about how they are feeling. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear or someone to spend some time with, it can help ease their pain.

Acts of Kindness

Let your friend know you are thinking of them during this difficult time. You might like to send a small gift, drop off some food or call them to check in. The small gesture of letting someone know that you're thinking of them can be a source of comfort.

Share memories

Reflecting on memories can help with the grieving process. While you may not have known your friend’s father personally, you can listen to their stories and ask questions to evoke childhood memories. 

Words of Support

It can be hard to know what the right thing is to say. These simple words of support can mean so much to someone struggling this Father’s Day.

  • I’m here to listen if you need to talk.
  • What can I do to support you?
  • Are there any special memories of your dad that you’d like to share?
  • How can I help you honour your dad’s memory?
  • Please know that I’m here for you.

Whether it’s been one month or one year since their father died, your friend may still be very sad. Love and simple acknowledgment from friends and family can make a world of difference.


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I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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