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Honouring a loved one with a photo presentation

Including a photo presentation during a funeral service is wonderful way to celebrate your loved one’s life. Known as many things such as photo slideshow, tribute video and remembrance videos, this video of special memories and sentimental music can evoke many emotions. The photo presentation can help lighten the service with photos or videos that bring a smile to the faces of the mourners.

Creating a photo presentation may be an overwhelming task for a family. This is where sourcing a creative company like Funeral Video Australia to create the video can take the pressure off the family. For those confident to create a video, we have outlined below a few helpful tips to create your photo presentation.  

Tips to creating a photo presentation

Before creating the photo presentation there are a few things to consider:

  • While gathering photos, think about the music to play with the video. The ideal time for a photo presentation is 3 – 5 minutes which could be 1 or 2 songs.
  • We suggest having 10 – 14 photos per minute of music. For a 3 minutes song, you will need 42 photos, or 70 photos for a 5 minute song.
  • Ensure photos are scanned at a high resolution (minimum 300dpi) in JPEG format.
  • When organising photos, it helps to save them in an age chronological order if this is how you would like them displayed in the video.

What photos to include

It is hard to narrow down a lifetime of photos to a 3 minute video. Try to focus on key life moments and photos that represent their personality. Key photos may include:

  • Baby and childhood photos
  • Special achievements or graduation
  • Major life events
  • Holidays and hobbies
  • Important people and relationships

 Don’t be afraid to incorporate video clips. These can be a great reflection of their personality.

What music to include

Music can be an important tool to set the tone of the funeral. By using 2 songs you can include an up-lifting song to reflect their personality and end with a more somber song to reflect how they will be missed. You may like to view our blog for a list of popular funeral songs.

Creating your photo presentation

We recommend that you choose a program you are comfortable using to create the photo presentation. This may be with PowerPoint, Google Slides, iMovie or Window Movie Maker.

Be sure to ask your Funeral Director, Church or Venue what video format is needed to play the photo presentation during the funeral service. An Mp4 is the most universal video player format.  

Once you have completed your photo presentation, be sure to watch it back and even share with family to review. There is nothing worse than a technical glitch interrupting the service.

Keepsake remembrance video

Whether you choose to create the video yourself or have it professional designed, you will be left with a beautiful keepsake video to reflect on for years to come.


Photo Presentation Example

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I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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