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The son of the deceased booked us for this service - he had family members overseas that were not able to make the funeral. Danielle from Guardian Funerals Rockdale introduced me to the family.

I received a call from a lady on behalf of her friend who had just lost her husband.

He was diagnosed with renal cancer in Oct 2018, so the family only had around 3-4 months notice before he passed.

I received from call from Marianne at Guardian Funerals Blacktown to capture a service at The Good Shepherd Parish Plumpton, as well as the burial at Pinegrove Memorial Park.

The main reason the family decided to use our services was for the benefit of family members who couldn’t attend due to being overseas.

One of our videographers - Troy - filmed this graveside service for a Father who’s son had passed quite suddenly. Another son overseas could not attend the funeral, so we were asked to capture the service.

It was both very sad and an honour to capture the funeral of Constable Timothy Proctor, who died after being involved in a head-on collision.

I received an inquiry earlier this month from Rebecca and Ben from Albert & Meyer Funeral Directors to film a chapel service. It was a tragic situation for family and friends, as the deceased was a young man who had passed in an unforeseen accident. 

I recently attended a special service on a particularly hot Sydney day in Jamisontown. Nepean Valley Funerals & Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler worked together for the first time, providing a unique funeral service for the family. The service itself took place on the boat.

Great to see Global Funerals​ use some of the photos I captured of their crew on their social media! It was my first time working with them - booked by Geoff and Dom.

Late last year I had the honour of capturing a very special service for the most senior surviving officer with Second World War service. I was asked by the family to record the full service and military procession from the church to the Cenotaph at Martin Place.

I was booked to do the Audio Visual set up for this service by Danielle from Guardian Funerals Rockdale.

The church didn't have a screen or projector to play a photo tribute, so I rustled up all equipment required: screen projector, music, speaker, laptop. It was another very hot day in the high 30’s, and the church wasn't open when I arrived…which really made me sweat! I normally start set up over an hour before the service starts!

I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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