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Saying Farewell: Understanding the purpose of a wake

The passing of a loved one is an incredibly difficult and emotionally challenging time for everyone involved. There are many emotions to process, from grief and sadness to confusion and even anger. During this time of mourning, a wake is usually held at the deceased’s home or a function venue for mourners to gather either before or after the funeral service. But what is the purpose of a funeral wake?

A wake allows family and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. It’s a time for sharing memories, offering support, and finding comfort in the presence of others who are also mourning the loss.

One of the main purposes of a wake is to provide a space for loved ones to come together and grieve collectively. It can be incredibly healing to be surrounded by others who are also feeling the pain of the loss, as it reminds us that we are not alone in our sorrow. Sharing stories of the deceased can bring comfort and help us to remember the person as they were in life, rather than focusing solely on their death. 

Another important purpose of a wake is to offer support to the family of the deceased. Losing a loved one is a profound and life-changing event, and having the love and support of friends and family can make a huge difference in the grieving process. By coming together at the wake, loved ones can offer condolences, share memories, and provide a listening ear for those who are struggling to cope with their loss. 

A wake also serves to pay tribute to the deceased and honour their life. It’s a time to reflect on the impact that the person had on those around them, and to celebrate the memories and moments that were shared with them. By coming together to remember the person who has passed away, we are able to keep their memory alive and carry them with us in our hearts.

A wake is also an opportunity to document the day and preserve memories through photography and videography. From capturing photos of family and friends as a memory of those that came together, to documenting the speeches to remember for years to come and share with those unable to attend.

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I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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