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Eulogy Writing Tips


Eulogies commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed away. They serve as a way of honouring and paying tribute to the person's life, achievements, and contributions, all while providing solace, comfort, and closure to the family and friends left behind. 

Writing a eulogy can be a daunting task, particularly when you're coping with the loss of someone dear to you. However, it's important to remember that eulogies don't have to be perfect; they simply need to capture the essence of the person you're speaking about. 

To help make writing a eulogy more manageable, we've compiled a list of tips to consider: 

  • Begin by thinking about your relationship with the person. When did you meet? What are some memories that you shared? What did you admire about them? What impact did they have on your life? Reflecting on these questions can help you start writing. 
  • Try to include personal anecdotes or stories, as they can help connect the audience to the person being honoured. Sharing memories can also bring levity to an otherwise solemn occasion. 
  • Use appropriate language and tone when writing a eulogy. Remember that emotions will be high, so use compassionate and sensitive language. 
  • Structure your eulogy in a way that's easy to follow. Consider starting with an introduction, followed by an overview of their life, achievements, and passions, then finishing with how they impacted your life and what you'll remember most about them. 
  • Make sure that your eulogy is respectful and appropriate to the family's beliefs and values. Carefully consider cultural, religious, and social norms that should be respected. 
  • Practice your eulogy before delivering it. Rehearsing ahead of time can help you organise your thoughts and overcome any nervousness.

Finally, remember there is no right or wrong way of writing a eulogy, and every eulogy is a reflection of the relationship that existed between the deceased and their loved ones. With these tips, you can craft a beautiful eulogy that honours the life of your loved one and brings comfort to those left behind.

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