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St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

Earlier this month I was contacted by Sam from Sam Guarna Funeral Services to document the service of Christopher Cassaniti - a young apprentice who passed away in a workplace accident. He had just turned 18.

The service was held at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydneywith an estimated 3000 people in attendance, including Christopher’s workmates.

I captured the arrival of the cortege, the service, the release of the doves by the hearse and then the departure from the cathedral. As a tribute, Christopher’s new white ute lead the hearse and cortege.

There was a large 'Thank You' placed in the Italian paper, La Fiamma from the family thanking the many people that attended, as the cathedral was at full capacity and people had to wait outside. The family apologised for not being able to receive their condolences and thanked them for the love that they felt on the day.

The feedback from the family via Sam was positive:

“The family were very thankful that you were able to assist as they wish to treasure that day of the funeral for their son. For them, capturing anything to do with Christopher is important for them as it helps with the grief…again, thank you so much as always.”

Funeral Director: Sam Guarna Funeral Services

Location: St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

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I have just viewed, and so beautifully filmed. This is so special to have, not only for us but for a great many family members unable to attend, from Europe and Ireland. I was impressed by your complete professionalism and caring nature.

Ann, Wentworth Falls

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